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Redness, bleeding gums and tooth movement are common health problems experienced by patients with gum disease.
Orthodontic treatment is the correction of malocclusion by straightening teeth.
Nowadays, everyone can have their teeth straightened, both children and adults.
Implants are an excellent solution for replacing a missing tooth.
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  • Vladislav Dyachuk
    Mon Repos and Päris restaurant,
    Periodontalia is my favourite dental clinic. Professional and highly experienced doctors, friendly service, completely changed the quality of my life.
  • Maria Lüll-Ghisoni
    Carré d'Or OÜ,
    Board Member
    Sincere thanks to the clinic doctors and all the staff for their professionalism, empathy, willingness to help and benevolent approach.
  • Gabriel Avanesov
    Tallinn Shipyard OÜ,
    Sales Director
    Wonderful atmosphere, friendly and professional team!!!
  • Jürgen Vinkel
    Softrend OÜ,
    Purchasing Manager
    Very good location, private and cozy clinic. The most pleasant thing is friendly attitude and the quality of treatment. It is important that I can get all the services I need in one place.
  • Tom-Gunnar Heikkilä
    Board Member
    I am very satisfied with the treatment in Parodontalia and the helpful staff.
  • Anna Verro
    GE Healthcare
    High quality dental services, all in one place! Doctors and team who care and look after you!
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