A missing tooth can be restored
If for any reason you are missing one or more teeth, we can restore them.

During the consultation, your doctor will talk to you in detail about all the options for replacing your teeth and will help you choose the most suitable method.

  • Laminates
    Laminates are ceramic tiles that can be used to change the shape of the tooth and its color.
    Using them, you can create the perfect smile and in some cases even straighten teeth without the help of braces.

    On the first day, the doctor works on the surface of the tooth and takes an imprint. In the laboratory a ceramic laminate is made. On the second visit, the dentist attaches the laminate to the tooth with a special glue.

    With laminate you can:
    • improve the appearance of your smile - change the shape, size and color of your teeth
    • correct gaps between teeth
    • visually improve the position of your teeth without braces.
    • restore the aesthetic appearance of worn teeth
  • Ceramic crowns
    Crowns are ceramic covers that are placed on the teeth. They are needed to restore the shape of the

    teeth and to prevent them from decaying. Ceramic crowns can change your smile in a short time. With

    their help you can give your teeth a beautiful shape, as well as change their size and color if you wish.

    The main advantages of the ceramic crown are:
    • "natural" appearance. Ceramic crowns made by professionals do not differ from the patient's natural teeth.
    • reliability. Ceramic covers are wear-resistant, so they can be fitted not only on front teeth but also onchewing teeth.
    • hypoallergenic. The ceramics are absolutely neutral in composition and will not harm your health.
Ceramic crown implant

It is a ceramic tooth that is attached to the implant. Implant crowns are technically a little different from

conventional ceramic crowns, but they are no different from natural teeth in appearance.

How is the crown placed on the implant?
  • installation takes place during the final stage of implantation
  • sometimes a crown can be placed immediately after implantation, but more often a few months after implantation.
  • the doctor takes the traces and sends them to the laboratory. The dental technician then makes thecrown, which takes 2-3 days on average.
  • on the second visit, the finished ceramic crown is fixed by local anesthesia.
Ceramic restoration

Ceramic filling is a modern alternative to traditional filling. Its main advantages are its natural appearance, strength and durability. They are designed to fit the individual impression of the tooth perfectly and are indistinguishable from the rest of the tooth.

Advantages of ceramic restoration over fillings:

  • Restores severely damaged teeth.
  • Naturalness. The restoration is made by a dental technician and maintains the anatomical shape of the tooth.Strength.
  • Prosthesis don't just crack.Resilience.
  • Prosthesis can remain unchanged for 10-15 years.Color persistence.
  • The composite material has a porous structure, which means that it may darken over time due to the coloring agents present in the food.
  • Ceramics, on the other hand, do not change color.
Temporary crowns

The temporary crown is the "protective cap" of the tooth. It is placed to protect the ground tooth from unwanted influences before the permanent crown is placed. Temporary crowns allow you to smile, chew and talk as before while maintaining your daily lifestyle until the end of treatment.

In addition to its main purpose, the temporary crown performs a number of important functions:
  • prevents infection in the tooth;
  • preserves space for permanent crowns;
  • allows food to be chewed;
  • allows the mouth to get used to the new crown
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