Parodontalia workspace

Range of services

The Parodontalia clinic is successfully engaged in prevention and treatment of gum diseases (periodontitis).

We implement the prevention of gum diseases, which includes preventive cleaning, removal of supragingival and subgingival deposits (dental plaque and calculus) using ultrasound, soda and pastes.

Our doctors successfully provide treatment and prevention of dental caries in adults and kid’s tooth decay.

  • Gum Treatment
  • Gum plastic surgery
  • Aesthetic lamination of teeth
  • Implantology
  • Dental prosthetics
  • Teeth whitening
  • Root canal treatment
  • Children's dentistry
  • Wisdom tooth extraction
Price list

Price list

  • Check-upfrom 35€
  • Ortodontic consultation (online)70€
  • Ortodontic consultation100€
  • Professional cleaning (pearl cleaning + calculus removing + anticavitation toothpaste)105€
  • Complex price of periodontal cleaning125€
  • Digital panoramic x-ray 25€
  • 3D x-ray60€
  • Anesthesia 12€
  • Complex price of composite filling (small)110€
  • Complex price of composite filling (medium)120€
  • Complex price of composite filling (large)130€
  • *All additional costs are included (anesthesia etc)
  • Root canal treatment (till the end) in one visit (price depends on number of canals)250-460€
  • Root canal re-treatment of non-vital tooth (till the end) in one visit (price depends on number of canals)350-550€
  • Periodontal consultation50€
  • Calculus removing under the gingiva (1 tooth)25€
  • Gingival plastic of 1-3 teeth350€
  • Gingival plastic of 4-6 teeth450€
  • Implant surgical placementfrom 600€
  • Implant crown (price depends on material)from 650€
  • Wisdom tooth extraction95€
  • Wisdom tooth surgical extraction130€
  • Dental prostheticsfrom 600€
  • Total prosthesis on 4 implantsfrom 1150€
  • Total prosthesis on 6 implantsfrom 1350€
  • Teeth whitening with Phillips Zoom system300€
  • Home whitening (2 trays + 2 whitening gel syringe) 250€
  • Teeth whitening with SDI Pola Office system250€
  • Whitening gel (1 syringe)15€


The doctor will detect gum disease at early stages and help to prevent the disease’s development. The clinic specialists will assist in the treatment, restoration and replacement of teeth.


The hygienist will individually customize the most effective oral care products, clean the accumulated pigment, remove dental deposits and cover teeth with a protective paste strengthening the enamel.

Pediatric dentistry

The children’s dentist in a playful manner will perform educational trainings on taking care of kid’s teeth properly in order to avoid holes, and painlessly cure tooth decay with bright coloured fillings.


The specialist will make porcelain fillings, veneers, and crowns. Due to the CEREC digital impressions, the work will be done on the very same day.



Provided it is required, the doctor can construct a bone and replace missing teeth with implants.

Parodontalia workspace

Dental care

Not many people even think about the importance of paying serious attention to the details taking care of their teeth. Ignorance and carelessness can often lead people to oral cavity problems and force them to seek the assistance of professionals.


Our doctors can show and teach you how to avoid problems with teeth and gums.


Teeth whitening

  • Professional and safe bleaching of teeth with Zoom Phillips lamp.
  • The shining snow-white smile just for one visit.
  • We can produce a set for house bleaching individually.

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