Little about us

The clinic is located at the heart of the capital at Ravi 7.


The clinic has four dental treatment rooms equipped with modern Leica and Karl Kaps microscopes.


For the convenience of patients, the ceilings are fitted with TV sets broadcasting pictures of wildlife of different countries.


The X-ray machine provides panoramic and three-dimensional (3D) images for an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.

Parodontalia workspace

Our team

Helly Tammerand

Head of clinic


Mari Uuetoa

Clinic administrator

2005-2010 University of Tartu
2010-2013 University of Tartu;
specilization – periodontics

Dr. Elena Suhhova

Gum treatment, implantology, dental prosthetics

Dr Roland Ader

Dr. Roland Ader

Gum treatment, implantology

2007-2012 University of Tartu

Dr. Anna Firsova

Therapy, root canal treatment

Dr. Veera Laidvee

Dental therapy, dental prosthetics, implantology

Dr. Ruslan Stapenko

Therapy, children’s dentistry

Dr. Anton Rudenok

Surgery, therapy

Dr. Anastasia Chistyakova

Therapy, children’s dentistry

Dr. Anastassia Petšjonkina


2010-2015 University of Tartu

Dr. Nadezhda Yashchenkova

Gum treatment, surgery, therapy

2011-2014 Helsinki City college of
social and health care

Christina Chilman

Hygiene, teeth whitening

Maria Generalova

Hygiene, teeth whitening

Angelika Berngard


Olga Puntusova


Sofia Makhova


Angelika Naumchik


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